good result for the Red Bull team in Monaco

Took advantage of a day on the circuit of Monte Carlo German Sebastian Vettel driver Red Bull Racing Monaco widens the gap with rivals in the drivers' championship, with Pat currently owns after the sixth round of 107 points in the score and a difference of 21 points for a driver for Lotus Kimi Raikkonen placed second in the overall standings of the World Championship for Formula One.
He was Vettel had started from third place in the beginning of the race, but managed to Vettel progress on Lewis Hamilton taking advantage of the safety car to the ring when the car crash Felipe Massa Ferrari, and on race day, said Vettel'' In general, I am happy and satisfied with the result Monaco Grand Prix. We know that overtaking is very difficult here. Congratulations to Rosberg, has done a great job today and control the race well. 'I think he belonged to the desired speed and adapts well with the tires of his car, was able to get away whenever we tried to approach him. But I did not find a place to go where it was possible to override Mercedes''.

Managed Mark Webber Red Bull team to finish third at the end of the race after he had started in fourth place at the beginning of the race. And Mark Webber took advantage of safety car than Lewis Hamilton. After Weber Roseburg congratulated his victory in Monaco,'' said first and foremost, congratulations to Rosberg. It's always unique to win in this place, especially since the German received incontinence week. The launch was good, but we did not find a place to go, so we will try to obtain such releases in the coming races. After all, the race was about keeping the tires and a one-stop maintenance and, as it was good to bypass Hamilton after the entry of the safety car. '

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