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The definition of Formula-1

    Is the name given to a class of cars' with specific measurements.
 Have one seat, and great speed exceeding 320 km / hr.
 Felt that as young weight with the driver.
 In addition to the type of engine.
 These cars are racing with each other on the circuit. This is called the grand prize for the race Formula 1.
 There are several races of the season take place on different routes across the world.

 And there at the end of season winners.

    Winner of the first is the driver's parents collect the largest number of points.
 And the winner of the second is the manufacturer of the car shared by two cars
 in every race and reckoned with the number of points collected by the two cars.

 Regulate competition from Formula 1.

   Formula-1 competition organized by the  Fédération internationale d'automobile  FIA headquarters in Paris.
The current President of the International Federation of the cars is "Max Mosley".

Max Mosley

The Director is responsible for race Formula 1 is "Ecclestone."
When competition started Formula-1

   Was limited to race cars on the continent of Europe, only the brightest and knew a great pre-World War II.
And debris after the end of the Second World decided the International Automobile Federation tournament
 high of Formula 1. And was the first official race of the Formula One on 10 / April / 1950 in French city of Pau. 

   We will try through this website to bring all the information about Formula-1
 since the start of the first race in 1950 to the present day.

You can through our knowledge of this.

1. Start the Formula 1 competition from 1950 to the present day.
2. The most important manufacturers of cars participating in the Formula 1.
3. The most important winners of Formula 1.
4. The most important cities and tracks that are held by the competitions Formula 1.
5. Agenda seasonal Championship Formula 1.
6. Formula 1 competition laws.
7. Corporate News and drivers.
8. In addition to the follow-up races for the moment by moment.

We hope that the best and offer you the best in Formula 1.