Fernando Alonso satisfied with the first day Australia PRIX 2016

Spanish driver Fernando Alonso said that the beginning of McLaren were better than expected with the end of the first day of the Australia Grand Prix 2016 .
Alonso was able to put his car in the top ten during the two free practice on Friday under the weather conditions were volatile.
Big 2016 for the first round of the World Championship of Formula One racing.
Alonso was finished seventh in the first free practice, and sixth place in the second free practice, which took place today at the Melbourne circuit.
He said the Spanish "things went well so we can enjoy this moment. But there are still some things that we have tried in the third free practice under dry conditions it was difficult to test them today."
He added, "We have never had problems with the car and this is a good sign for a good start. Sometimes when you move into a new arena to test the car, you face the pleasant surprises or bad. But for us it was a nice surprise, so I'm satisfied now."
He concluded by saying, "It was a good day, but we will maintain our position for Saturday with dry climates. But things were better than expected."